Curate Sobrasada Wins Good Food Award 2023

Curate Sobrasada Wins Good Food Award 2023

About the Winning Product: Cúrate Sobrasada

Described lovingly as chorizo butter, Cúrate Sobrasada is a spreadable, melty, cured sausage, a delicacy that hails from Mallorca. Memorable and mouth-watering, Sobrasada features a tangy acidity that comes from fermentation. This product has been recognized by the Good Food Foundation for both it’s flavor, and our commitment to quality, care, and sustainable and equitable business practices.

Co-owner Felix Meana reflects, “Although we’ve been in the restaurant industry for over a decade, we’re relatively new to the craft food producer world. We are so proud of the care, attention to detail and exceptionally high sourcing standards of our team, with special recognition to Jonathan Pridgen, our head of charcuterie. We are here to empower our employees to build a portal to Spain through the work they do, and this recognition is a true example of vision.”

Cúrate Charcutería began in 2019 when the team started to research and develop dry cured Spanish-style sausages in the restaurants. After time, testing and perfecting recipes, Cúrate now produces small batches of Cúrate Chorizo, Salchichón and Sobrasada with a focus on quality and tradition. Every link begins with whole, regionally sourced hogs that are butchered onsite, with the utmost care to create the perfect texture, using every part of the animal. The sausages are then aged to develop intense and complex flavor. 

Cúrate Charcutería is available for purchase via and at La Bodega by Cúrate. Enjoy it on the menu at Cúrate Bar de Tapas. 

From the Good Food Foundation

For a long time, certifications for responsible practices and awards for superior taste have remained distinct – one honors social and environmental responsibility, while the other celebrates craftsmanship and flavor. The Good Food Awards recognizes that truly good food – the kind that brings people together and builds strong, healthy communities – contains all of these ingredients.

Good Food Foundation organizes an epic three-day Good Food Awards Weekend for the public and the trade to meet, celebrate, taste and buy from the nearly 200 Winners: the exceptional food crafters who top the charts in a Blind Tasting and meet the environmental and social responsibility standards of the Good Food Awards. Over 2,000 entries from all 50 states are submitted each year.

Explore the Good Food Award standards, and discover the winners. or join the guild to support the contributions of American craft food producers in creating a tasty, authentic and responsible food system.

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