Cúrate Charcuterie Sampler 3-pack

Cúrate began producing charcuterie in 2019 with in-depth research and develop of dry cured Spanish-style sausages in the restaurants. Over time, we dialed in recipes and found an incredible, regional source for our pork. Now, we produce small batches of Cúrate Chorizo, Salchichón and Sobrasada with a focus on quality and tradition. We begin with whole hogs, and butcher with the utmost care, separating types of fat and meat to create the perfect texture, using every part of the animal, then aging it to develop intense and complex flavor. 

Local's Note: These products are available for purchase in Asheville at La Bodega by Cúrate!

  • Cúrate Salchichón | Subtle and mild, this staple of Catalonian cuisine is the sophisticate of the trio, with simple hints of black pepper and nutmeg. Here, you can taste the incredible quality, love and care that goes into Cúrate Charcutería. Best with: classic potato chips, olives, a movie.
  • Cúrate Chorizo | Along with jamon, Chorizo is one of the most iconic cured meats in Spain. Pimentón and garlic marry with white wine for a spark of acidity. Intense complexity develops as we age this product with great patience. Best with: pan con tomate and a soft boiled egg, breakfast of our dreams.
  • Cúrate Sobrasada | A 2023 Good Food Award Winner - Lovingly described as chorizo butter, our favorite part of this spreadable, melty Mallorcan delicacy is the tangy acidity that comes from the fermentation. Best with: a smear of goat cheese and drizzle of honey on a warm baguette.
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